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Healthy Body and Mind Workshops


Kids are very curious, have tons of genuine questions, and want and appreciate honest answers. I deliver this program in a fun and creative way, that gets students really engaged and passionate about their well-being.


Basic sexuality topics and information will be discussed in a safe and nurturing environment in order to encourage feelings of pride and confidence in children's growing bodies. Students will learn correct names for body parts, be encouraged to trust their feelings, be provided with tools and strategies to respond to potentially unsafe or uncomfortable situations, learn about healthy friendships and relationships, body image and self-esteem, resiliency, diversity, and more. Upper elementary students will have a workshop on puberty and reproduction in depth. 


The importance of personal time, relaxation and reflection will be discussed with all grades. Deep Breathing, visualization and mindfulness are explored, and encouraged to be used as tools to manage emotions and stress. The importance of a balanced, healthy lifestyle is a major goal of this part of the program. I aim to get students (and staff) thinking, engaged, curious, asking questions and starting discussions. Healthy Body and Mind workshops are not only fun, but educational for everyone!


Workshops are geared towards what children and youth have information about and are exposed to today. Visuals and information are all around us and are hard to ignore. Another goal of this program is to help them sort through information that might seem confusing and to discuss what is real and what is not.

Please note - The sexual health component of the Healthy Body and Mind Program follows Ontario's Sexual Health and Development curriculum for Grades 1-8. For more detailed information about each workshop please see below.



" My program encourages open communication about sexuality and emphasizes the importance of the same open communication at home between parents and children. Today, children receive information at a very early age and it is important they receive accurate information. By initiating discussion when they are young and more open and receptive, they will feel more empowered and comfortable having conversions about sexuality"

Janice Holsmer

What others have said about Healthy Body and Mind Workshops

Janice has provided Healthy Body and Mind Workshops annually for the grade 1 through 6 students at Kew Park Montessori School for the past many years. She has also led Parent Workshops each year to compliment the content she covers in class and to support parents in talking to their children. It is always a pleasure to have Janice at our school and the children look forward to her workshops each year. She is informative, engaging and has an easy, matter-of-fact approach that works very well for all the ages she teaches. She is reliable, organized and well planned. She comes to each lesson with clear goals and teaches a series of workshops that are age appropriate and follows the Ontario Curriculum. Janice's workshops have been an important part of our health program and we will continue to seek her expertise in the implementation of lessons in healthy sexuality and well-being.

- Taryn Parry - 

Principal - Kew Park Montessori School

* Healthy Body and Mind Workshops for schools are currently on hold!

Parent Evenings and Afternoons

Know a bunch of parents that would like to have a fun afternoon or evening to learn about and discuss children's sexuality? Well then! You've made it to the right place! 

All workshops are through the Zoom platform and are set at a time and date that works best for the group. Workshops run for approximately 2 hours. Please contact Janice Holsmer for fees. 





The goal of the parent workshops is to have a real, open and honest discussion around children's sexual health. We'll relax, have a little laugh here and there and get right down to it. The nitty gritty, the truth of it all, so sit back and take a deep breath as we enter into the world of puberty again. 


Parent workshops include the importance of open communication about children's sexuality at home. Discussion includes when and how to have "the talk" along with answering tough questions in an age appropriate manner and what to avoid. Resources are provided along with take home reading materials. 


Discussion also includes body image education and personal care. 

Please call or e-mail Janice Holsmer for more information. 

Relax! It's not that bad!